Ye Home Page

Hello there.

Welcome to my study, whoever you are. Here you will be subjected to the thoughts and ideas that form in my mind from various sources – mostly books but others too – and if you’re okay with your fate, I’m happy to have you.

The blogosphere is overloaded with thinkers, and I make no claim to better but I do like to think I am more distinct in my topics – not many others would write, for example, about the theological imagery in 1920’s Christmas tree winterscape bases.

“Everglades Adventure” (2015)

As for who I am, that’s not overly important but I see no harm in telling you, dear stranger. I am a Christian, a rebel son redeemed to serve his true King and striving to further the Kingdom with his particular talents and passions. I am a college graduate of Reformation Bible College in Sanford Florida, where I earned my Bachelors in Christian Thought, so I am certified to think Christianly I suppose. I’ve worked as a teacher, an ice bagger, cabinet sander, golf car shop assistant and currently as a finish craftsman working on hunting rifle stocks.

I have a lovely wife and sweet baby daughter – the two greatest blessings a man can have.

I do have some fiction in the works from time to time – I’ve always loved writing. And if I ever finish anything, I’ll share about it here.

Tally ho!

D. M. Gibson