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Hello there.

Welcome to my study, whoever you are. I’m a crazy-imaginative guy from Alabama who has a crazy passion for telling stories.

I love tales of adventure and beauty, stories as much concerned about the where as much as the who and the what of the narrative.  Stories where the problems and conflicts are imaginative and the solutions cunning; stories about heroes; stories that possess a deeper meaning but also know how to entertain and have fun.

mr gibson 1 As for who I am, that’s not overly important but I see no harm in telling you, dear stranger. I am a Christian, a rebel son redeemed to serve his true King and striving to further the Kingdom with his particular talents and passions. I am a college graduate of Reformation Bible College in Sanford Florida, where I earned my Bachelors in Christian Thought, so I am certified to think Christianly I suppose. I’ve worked as a teacher and would like to do so again but my life’s passion will always be storytelling.

Enjoy what you find here and, I hope, what you find on my Amazon author page. Feedback is always welcome. I do freelance writing as well, so if you need someone to write an article or other content for you, see my contact page and we’ll talk.

Tally ho!

D. M. Gibson