“SpaceWard” Series Update!


Working Cover

In the very near future, I will be launching the first installment of my SpaceWard series. This is a series of shorter works (around thirty pages) and so quickly consumed but they are all part of a continuing story about the exploits of the Irishman Captain Fergus Roach and his crew on the space-ship Gamble.  Fergus and the Gamble work for a space colonization company called “SpaceWard” and their work includes escorting colonists to their new homes,  scouting for new planets, conducting trade and protecting company interests. These are their official duties but they often find themselves in situations not covered under these categories.

Sound like Star Trek? Not surprising, since the classic series is the basic inspiration but I am doing some important things differently here. Trek is a politically socialistic, morally relativistic and artistically surrealistic story-storytelling. By contrast, SpaceWard is politically classically-liberal, morally objectivistic and artistically stylized-realistic storytelling. (in so far as Space adventures can be “realistic”, mainly I mean there’s an attempt real planets, real aliens, a more physical setting unlike the often psychological settings of Trek. The stories themselves are also more adventure-oriented, and in many ways just as inspired by Irwin Allen’s Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea as by Trek if not more so. The aesthetic is heavily influenced by the original Battlestar Galactica. 

Trek stories which are often more philosophical. Which isn’t to say there is no philosophical side to SpaceWard but rather the philosophy is more underlying and functional. I’m not going to tell you “X is true” or “Y is wrong” but rather craft my stories with certain assumptions. And the existence of these truths and morals affect the stories. For example, I affirm that human life is valuable and man is the highest created being in the physical world because of the Imago Dei. This is both a truth and a moral I assume. But rather than have an entire story devoted to preaching about man’s worth and the importance of a pro-life ethic, I’m going to tell you an enjoyable story that affirms these truths by giving prominence to human characters and reacting strongly to the unnecessary taking of human life.

It should also be noted that not all characters will share my views, and there will be times that truths and ethics are challenged.

I have finished the rough draft version of the first “episode”, titled rather simply: SpaceWard: First Voyage. The characters will be coming together for the first time in this story and some will be more active than others. And a few key characters do not even get mentioned yet.

I will be working on the second draft this week and hope to have the first story available by next week. I will announce the release here but if you’re interested, please follow my Amazon author page: Daniel Gilbertson – Author Page

Until next time, happy reading!

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